Main Brands

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The Duck King Group

The Duck King Restaurant first opened in 2003 in South Jakarta. At present, we have evolved into the biggest chain of chinese restaurants in Indonesia, operating 31 branches under 8 different segments, namely: The Grand Duck King Signature as our signature concept, The Grand Duck King simply showcases a typical concept, The Duck King as our core concept, The Duck King Szechuan Cuisine simply inspired by Szechuan culinary, The Duck King Noodle and Kitchen specializing in Lamian, Imperial Chef as our pork-based restaurant concept, Imperial Chef Shanghai Cuisine as our pork-based, Shanghai inspired restaurant, and Imperial Chef Noodle & Kitchen showcasing pork-based and Lamian menu.


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Fook Yew

FOOK YEW Shanghai Bistro and Bubble Tea Lab is an entertaining, casual Chinese eatery. Its menu is inspired by the tasty delicacies from the streets of Shanghai, set in an old-fashioned, Chinese-pop-style canteen.

FOOK YEW serves an exciting re-interpretation of classic Shanghai comfort foods, highlighted by its delicious SHENG JIAN BAO (Shanghainese Pan Fried Bun) and fun beverage creations from its innovative BUBBLE TEA LAB. The basic idea behind FOOK YEW stands to provide a different ambiance - one that is lively, trendy, and engaging - than you normally come across in other traditional Chinese bistros and restaurants. FOOK YEW is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, and remember… it’s NOT MADE IN CHINA!

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Panda Bowl

Panda Bowl is a quick service restaurant, serving home style and comfort Chinese cuisines at an affordable price point, following the “no pork and/or lard” concept. We believe that is has the potential to reach out to a larger target market, located in more suburban areas around Jakarta and other major cities.

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